Vitality Coaching Programs

Jump Start Coaching Program (3 months)

Total Results Coaching Program (6 months)



Through one-on-one coaching, you’ll: Stop going it alone 👍🏾 

I’ll coach, support & advise you each step of the way towards reclaiming your vitality

🤜🏾Together we will address your wellness concerns with mindful focused awareness, eating, exercise and       accountability; as your mind starts to shift, you will notice your growth & development, no matter where you are     starting from  

🤜🏾Together we will examine the here & now and explore the obstacles that stand in your way of making progress and together proceed moving forward 

🤜🏾Together we will work to identify your vision, intentions & goals 

🤜🏾Together we will get clear on how to create the results you want moving forward 

🤜🏾Together we will develop a game plan that will optimize your energy management, deepen your self-awareness and strengthen your overall impact to yourself 

🤜🏾Together we will create then empower you to incorporate self-discipline & focus to help you control and overcome       any weaknesses and or temptations during your journey 

🤜🏾Together we will remove the obstacles that block you from achieving those goals & develop a practical action plan      that you are comfortable committing to 

🤜🏾You will become more aware of the triggers leading to habits/behaviors that no longer serve you leading to you       letting go of the past towards developing new habits to help create a reality that best serves you 

🤜🏾You will explore and reframe draining beliefs by redefining YOUR own excellence and the freedom to choose that

You will learn to stay focused and become consciously aware of the value of what you want to avoid            and what you want to achieve moving forward 👍🏾



Coaching Programs

  • 3 & 6 month coaching program options
  • 4- 60 minute coaching sessions per month
  • Support during, after and in-between the coaching sessions ensures that we make the most of every minute we spend together maximizing your investment and the results you create
  • Post Session Recap System: helps to integrate the coaching into your daily life
  • Journaling and just-in-time coaching via your own client portal allows you to connect with me via email in-between our coaching sessions
  • Coaching sessions are recorded so at your convenience you can re-listen and gain even deeper value from the details of your session


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