Energy Edge Coaching Program



Module 1: Introduction to Energy Optimization

Module 2: Building a Strong Foundation

Module 3: Mindset Mastery

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence

Module 5: Aligning with High Energetic Practices and Sources

Module 6: Energy-Boosting Nutrition

Module 7: Physical Vitality

Module 8: Stress Management and Resilience energetically with business 

Module 9: Maintaining High Energy in Personal and Professional Relationships 

Module 10: Energy-Boosting Productivity

Module 11: Spirituality and Inner Growth

Module 12: Sustaining Your Energy for Long-Term Success


What you can expect...

  • 3 & 6 month coaching program options
  • 4- 60 minute coaching sessions per month
  • Support during, after and in-between the coaching sessions ensures that we make the most of every minute we spend together maximizing your investment and the results you create
  • Post Session Recap System: helps to integrate the coaching into your daily life
  • Journaling and just-in-time coaching via your own client portal allows you to connect with me via email in-between our coaching sessions
  • Coaching sessions are recorded so at your convenience you can re-listen and gain even deeper value from the details of your session
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