"I can attest that Adrienne is a fantastic, knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and energetic life coach.
Adrienne has a true drive and focus on living life well and with purpose. Her positive energy and constant encouragement makes her a much needed bright light to be near. Adrienne has helped me tremendously with putting focus on my small business, along with caring for my physical and mental health in order to live my life well and with vitality.
If seeking a dynamic and caring life coach, I highly recommend contacting Adrienne! She is the real deal! "


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"Adrienne is an incredible coach and mentor.
I've known Adrienne for over 20 years and she goes over and above when working with her clients. She truly cares about their success and will stop at nothing to help them.
Adrienne is extremely approachable and her energy level infectious.
You'll not only get value, but feel truly blessed to work with her. "

Mind Coach
"Excellence galore!"

Hi Adrienne,

I really cannot find enough words to express how grateful I am for all you have done for me.

Without you, this achievement would have never been achieved. You are genuinely talented in changing frustration and hopelessness to success.

You helped me in finding a co-op opportunity, and it was a wonderful opportunity that was very close to what I studied in both my home country and here. It was a golden opportunity because it opened the way of having new references to catch the next job. You didn’t leave me after that, but you put a detailed plan for me, which  reap the benefits after one week were crowned with finding a real job opportunity.  it was really a smart strategy

You were so kind to me and well understood my case. You showed a great deal of abilities and high efficiency in finding the appropriate solutions in the shortest time.

Adrienne, I really can't thank you enough for your extraordinary and effective efforts, and thanks to the destiny that directed me in your way. You really helped me to recover my self confidence, and I wish you from the bottom of my heart more prosperity and progress to help more frustrated and lost people in their journey of searching for a proper job.

God bless you. I will always keep you in my pray and  I really would love to keep in touch with you, please.

Best regards

Aseel Al-Khafaji, PMP

JVS Toronto

Hi Adrienne, 

I have accepted the job offer for the Marketing and Events Coordinator position at Innovation York, York University. 
Adrienne, I wanted to thank you for helping me reach my career goals. Two months ago I took a workshop with JVS, where you shared work placement opportunities with me - you are always so prompt with your replies, providing help and guidance! I got a work placement with your reference and that prepared me for this role that I got today, again through your reference!
THANK YOU!!! I will forever be grateful for all your help! 
Sayeda Alina Ali 
JVS Toronto


Hi Adrienne, 

You are such a great person who is passionate about helping others.
I love your energy! 
I am grateful for your support and assistance. 
Leo Mao
JVS Toronto


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