Vitality Coaching with Adrienne

"Coaches are sculptors. They might not shape the marble, but they shape something much more precious: people's lives." Lee Colan


Hi, my name is Adrienne...

I coach women & men who are not living life to the MAX on how to reclaim their energy so they can continue to live & enjoy life's great moments with more Vitality.

What do I know about reclaiming one's vitality, I've walked in those same shoes with my own lived experience...with a decrease in my own energy levels as I moved into my mid-50's and as a result, my life took a downward spiral that did not look pretty.
Envisioning what my future would look & feel like if I continued down this path, I made a life-altering decision...using myself in my own beta test, I created a 3-month step-by-step plan that encompassed (mindset shift/fitness/nutrition/wellness & accountability) altering changes. As I journeyed through those 3-months, I saw & felt noticeable improvements in my overall health & wellness.
Those small incremental changes kept me on track and moved me forward as I felt my energy levels increasing leading me to ultimately RECLAIMING my youthful vitality!!!
Because of my success in reclaiming my vitality, I have spent the last decade & a half increasing my own awareness around the critical importance of living a life with balanced wellness. My continued research around 'balanced wellness living' lead me to discover the                  8-dimensions of wellness and how each dimension directly contributes to living a life with more vitality. A huge believer in 'paying it forward', I am on a quest to use all that I learnt during my beta test to help those like me with a foot in both corporate & operating your own business (who want a similar transformation), to live a life with more vitality.
I've been invited and graciously accepted keynote speaking presentations for a variety of wellness symposiums geared towards maturing adults health & wellness. I love speaking on the 'Dimensions of Wellness' and how they work hand-in-hand to support optimal health.
I've raised a beautiful daughter (now in her 30's) as a single mom, I love spending time in nature, I am an avid long distance trail walker, I love exploring new adventures and I enjoy reading various genre of books curled up on my comfy sofa.
I take a spirit, mind, body approach to living a long, strong, energetic and fabulous life.
Having a coach is much like having a personal trainer, but for your life. You can make a lot of progress on your own, but with the help of focused support, you can exponentially increase your results! 

I know my gift & mission in life is to inspire others to bring about positive changes in their life. I am on a quest to build a tribe of wellness champions who choose instead to RECLAIM our birthright, our VITALITY.


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Want to explore whether we’re meant to work with each other?
Book your 30 minute no obligation complimentary session.

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